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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (FAQ)

You will find the answers to the frequently asked questions about our service. Please check before sending a message to our customers’ service if your question is not included in this FAQ list.

How can I find out which access number to use ?

To find out which access number to use, to call a foreign country you have got two solutions :
- Use the side menu («Choose the country») or
- Go to the "Rates section"
Easy, isn't it ?

How can we offer such attractive rates ?

Our rates, for calling abroad, are the cheapest on the market because the whole service is automatic and we don' bill you directly.

I see «Local Rate» displayed on your site, what does that mean ?

It's the price per minute of a local call through the traditional phone operator. The rate is 1,4 cts/min at cheap rate (Saturday, Sunday, bank holidays and week days between 7:00 PM and 8:00 AM) and 2,8 cts/min at full rate (week days between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM) through the 0811 022 888 number. Whatever your landline operator, France Telecom bill a connection cost of 7,8 cts/min per call.

How will I be billed ?

Your calls will be billed directly on your phone operator's bill at either local rate, 9 cts/min, 12 cts/min, 15 cts/min, 22.5 cts/min or 34 cts/min (tax included) depending on the access number you dial. You won't receive a bill from us since you pay through your France Telecom bill (or other). All calls are billed by the second after the first minute.

How to calculate my communication cost ?

To calculate your communication cost you must multiply the number of minutes you are called X rates listed on our site, for each destination.
For example, a call of five minutes in South Africa you will be charged 0,12 cts X 5 minutes = 60 cts for a call off five ;inutes.
Our prices are quoted in T.T.C. So no surprises when receiving your bill!

Do I need to subscribe ?

This service works from any phone without ANY subscription NOR registration, WITHOUT pre payment OR pre selection.

Is there a peak time rate ?

Our rates are valid 24/7. With Reductel, you can enjoy our extra cheap rates at any time.

Can I make international calls from my mobile phone ?

Yes, you can call abroad using our services from your mobile phone. Never the less be careful, mobile phone operators charge extra when you call 08x numbers. Check with your operator on the increase that they apply.

Do I have to pay even if I get an engaged tone ?

Since we use 08x numbers, you are billed from the moment you connect to our servers. We recommend you agree on a time for making your call.

Do I need to have a special phone or change my setup ?

All you need is a vocal frequency key phone, the kind that beeps when you dial a number. You don't need to change your setup or your provider. Currently, the majority of telephony devices are keys with vocal frequency.
Don't worry!

Can I use Reductel from foreign countries or from the French overseas departments and territories ?

As things stand at the moment, it is not possible to offer solutions that work from abroad or the French overseas departments and territories. Our service only operates from mainland France outwards and Switzerland. And soon in other countries.

Is Reductel available through an alternative phone company (Télé2,...) or a Triple Play Box (Freebox,...)?

Yes. The best news is it makes no difference to the rate. You pay the same price whoever your provider is.

I use your 0892 688 288 but I'm systematically disconnected after 30 minutes. Why ?

Despite our best efforts, the traditional phone operator limits communications towards 0892 numbers to a maximum of 30 minutes.

Is it possible to use Reductel from a phone box ?

For the moment Reductel is not available from a phone box. The traditional phone operator refuses access to 08XX services from this kind of installation.

I don't understand, I'm calling a French mobile but my call doesn't get through.

Have you dialed the country code ? (33 for France) before the number you're trying to call? You will need to dial ++33 6 XX XX XX XX to get through to 06 XX XX XX XX.

The city or the province that I want to call doesn’t appear in the list while some cities and states are mentioned. Can I still call my correspondent ?

Currently we are sometimes forced to offer different rates depending on cities or provinces of some countries, but if the city you want to call is not available in the list you have to refer to the cost of country you want to call.
For example, if you want to call Salvador de Bahia in Brazil you refer to the number given for Brazil to the 0811 022 888 (price of a local call).

Must I add the 08XX rates to the rates of the foreign country ?

No, you pay for the 08x rate (tax included) and NOTHING else. To know which, rate your call will be billed at, choose the country you want to call in the side menu. Once selected, the number to use and the price per minute of the call will display underneath.

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