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About Us

Appeler à l’étranger moins cher avec Reductel

Reductel is a trademark of AXIALYS, a Telecommunications operator.

Launched in November 2004, Réductel offers to the customer the cheapest rates to call abroad with a with an excellent sound quality. The customers can call abroad with very cheap prices.  

With its rapid development, with thousands of users, Réductel offers regularly special promotions on international phone rates to call all worldwide destinations.

The Réductel special offers are : rates even more advantageous to call abroad always. The available discounts are posted regularly on the Promotions web page.

Reductel team

A dynamic and professional team updates the offers every day and constantly attentive to the customer’s needs.
Very simple and easy communication tools allow to reach customer service. For a question, a suggestion or an opinion, the Reductel team is always available.

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I am from US, student in Paris. I
call my parents and my friends
cheaper with reductel. Thank you
very much
Alvin, France