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How it works

Call cheaper with our service :

rondChoose a country in the list below :

rondDial the access number dedicated to the destination :
rondNow, dial the number of your correspondent...

(don't forget to put 00 + country code) ...You are connected ! !

To benefit from the cheapest rates of the market for your international calls five numbers are available according to the country of your correspondent.

To know which access number use; choose the country of your correspondent on the right side. Once the country selected, the access number to use appears below and the price of the call per minute.

Once you have reached our service, you will need to enter the number you wish to call preceded by 00 and the country code.

In France, to call a land line, dial 0811 022 888, then when the vocal message invites you dial 00 then 33 (international dialing code for France) and the last nine numbers of your correspondent phone number.

For example: to call the phone number 01 23 45 67 89 you dial 0811 022 888 then 00 33 1 23 45 67 89. You are connected with your correspondent!

For international call it’s similar, to call someone in Gabon, dial 00 followed by 241 (country code for Gabon), then the actual phone number. The same as if you were calling from a standard land line.

Over to you...

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I am from US, student in Paris. I
call my parents and my friends
cheaper with reductel. Thank you
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Alvin, France